Mary J. Blige Inks Deal For Super Heroine Cartoon

After teaming with comic book legend Stan Lee to create a special cartoon that opens her set on her current tour, Mary J. Blige has announced plans to spin the animated short off into an Internet-based series.

The deal is similar to one that the Backstreet Boys signed with Stan Lee Media earlier this year (see "Backstreet Boys, Stan Lee To Launch Super Hero Comic"). Blige will lend her voice to the animated "Webisodes," and has already contributed ideas for storylines and characters during development meetings.

"I am thrilled to be working with Stan Lee and his talented staff," Blige said in a statement. "Having been raised on the hard streets of the city, in my case Yonkers, the chance to be transformed into a 'Protector Of The 'Hood' sends a powerful message to my fans that your community is what you make of it, that you can be a super hero every day."

Stan Lee Media plans to expand the Mary J. Blige

"hip-hop super heroine" concept to include various other media, including such outlets as TV, print, and film.

The "Mary J. Blige" Web-based series is expected to launch on in the fall, and the site has already set up a preview area where fans can get a glimpse at the character design as well as the video that is currently being shown prior to Blige's concerts.

In the clip, a highly stylized Blige battles various criminals and miscreants around an inner-city neighborhood and demonstrates several super powers, including the ability to fly and a sonic scream capable of shredding concrete.

Meanwhile, Blige is currently a month into her summer "Mary" tour, which is scheduled to roll in to Newark, New Jersey on Friday night (see "Mary J. Blige Plans Summer Tour").