Blaque Gets 'N Sync For New Single, Talks Touring Days

After working with R. Kelly on its first single, "808," the R&B trio Blaque plans to issue another collaborative track, "Bring It All To Me" featuring Orlando boy band 'N Sync, as the next single from Blaque's self-titled new album.

Blaque spent a good part of this past summer touring with 'N Sync, and although the two groups didn't actually converge in the studio for "Bring It All To Me," [RealAudio] they did get to know each other a bit better on the road.

"Those boys are great," Blaque's Shamari told the MTV Radio Network. "I mean, they put their energy into their show. They go home, they practice, they're talented, and they're amazing, and I can't take nothing from them."

"They're like brothers to us," she continued. "We kick it with them on off times. And when we're not kickin' it with them, we try to see if we could reach them on their cell phones just to say hello, you know. They're amazing, we love

being around 'N Sync."

Blaque is currently taking a little break from the road, and the trio may possibly hook-up with another pop star, Britney Spears, for some live dates after the new year.

-- John Gill