BLACKstreet Cover Familiar Ground On New Single

May 13 [7:55 EST] -- If the new BLACKstreet single, "Don't Leave Me," strikes you as having a familiar ring to it, that's because this is the third time the track has turned up on the charts.

It started as the DeBarge song "All This Time," and then was re-processed as the basis of the Tupac Shakur hit "Ain't Mad At'cha." Now, it's back again, and BLACKstreet's Teddy Riley recently told MTV News that its return is quite accidental.

"It was a coincidence that Tupac did the same sample," Riley explained. "We're on the same label. It was done without the intentions of us knowing that he did it, or we did it." [Riley Speaks, 800k QuickTime]

BLACKstreet further shows off its remix prowess on the B-side of "Don't Leave Me" which features a jungle mix of the group's chart-topper "No Diggity."