Teddy Riley Gives A Queen A Hand

September 4 [13:00 EDT] -- According to the MTV Radio Network, Teddy Riley has nearly finalized his deal with Interscope Records for his own label imprint, Lil' Man Records.

Once the ink is dry, Lil' Man will release the debut album by Teddy's, protégé Queen Pen. The Queen-Riley connection goes back to the Blackstreet hit "No Diggity," which showcased Queen's talents.

Queen will say "thank you" to Riley on her first single, "Man Behind The Music," which should arrive in late September. Teddy worked very closely with Queen on the album, but according to her, he also let her do her own thing.

"If he really disagrees with something, he'll tell me, but he really gives me freedom with my writing," Queen told MTV Radio.

Other contributors to the album include Jay Z. and a number of big surprise guests. Riley and Pen are currently in the Virginia Beach area finishing up the album, and should wrap it up in two weeks. It should hit stores in November.