Janet Jackson Gets "Lonely" With Blackstreet's Teddy Riley

Janet Jackson has enlisted yet another super-producer to remix a single off of her new album, "Velvet Rope." After using Gang Starr's DJ Premier on "Together Again," Jackson called in Teddy Riley of Blackstreet to work on "I Get Lonely."

The video for "Lonely" hits airwaves this week, and MTV News caught up with Jackson, who recently launched her world tour in the Netherlands, and talked with her about how she and Riley managed to collaborate on the song -- via phone.

"He said 'We got to do something together a remix, anything,'" Jackson said, "and we talked about work on the next album. So I said, 'O.K. let us at least start with a remix. That's what we did with 'I Get So Lonely.'"

"He's called me every single day with different ideas," Jackson continued, "and I would say, 'O.K., that's cool. Just put it down and let's go from there.' So he'd put a little bit down and call me and play it for

me and it was fun" [850k QuickTime].

As we previously reported, the U.S. leg of Janet's tour will kick-off July 9 in Washington, DC, and part of the proceeds from ticket sales will help fund America's Promise, a youth support group headed by retired army general Colin Powell.