Blackstreet Records New Album, Reprises Collaboration With Queen Pen

Following up the success of their Grammy Award-Winning sophomore album, "Another Level," Blackstreet is back in the studio to record some new material for their new record.

In the meantime, Blackstreet founder Teddy Riley has been busy re-mixing Janet Jackson's "I Get Lonely," as well as contributing a song, "Can't Get You Out Of My Mind" -- featuring Lamenga Kafi and Beverly Crowder, to the upcoming "Hav Plenty" soundtrack.

But as Riley prepares to reassemble Blackstreet, he's already tapped Queen Pen, who appeared on the group's smash single "No Diggity," [2MB QuickTime] to sing on at least one track.

"We're getting ready to do this song," Queen Pen said in a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, "it's like another Blackstreet meets Queen Pen song like 'No Diggity.' Teddy is ready, he's done it again with this one. The group is working on the new album and Teddy is putting a lot of blood,

sweat and tears into this new Blackstreet album."

Look for the as-yet-untitled third album from Blackstreet to arrive in stores this fall.