Teddy Riley Talks Chemistry Behind New Blackstreet Combo

After teaming-up with Mase and Mya on a song for "The Rugrats" soundtrack, Teddy Riley and the rest of his Blackstreet crew are getting ready to return with the group's third album, entitled, appropriately enough, "Finally."

The new record marks Blackstreet's first studio release since 1996's multi-platinum effort, "Another Level," and prior to the "Finally" sessions, Riley was faced with tweaking the group's membership for the third time in the last five years -- eventually replacing departed singer Mark Middleton with Terrell Phillips.

In an interview with the MTV Radio Network, Teddy Riley talked about how the new Blackstreet line-up gelled while working on "Finally," and how this group differs from its past incarnations.

"This is the final four," Riley said of the band's current roster, "I think this is the best [line-up] we've had since the Blackstreet situation [came together], because

vocally and personality wise, the chemistry is strong. The vocal blend is nice, and no one is over singing. Everybody is really at one level, and that's the thing" [28.8 RealAudio].

Fans can judge for themselves whether Blackstreet has retained its smoothed-out, soulful harmonies when "Finally" arrives in stores on March 23.