Blackstreet Ponders New Single, Video

Teddy Riley and Blackstreet just completed the video for "Think About You," the next single from the group's new album, "Finally," which it filmed with director Malik Sayeed.

According to Riley, the video for "Think About You" clearly explains the story behind the song for those that missed it at first, a style which the frontman says is needed more and more for certain tracks these days.

"A lot of people may not like a song from the sound of it," Riley told the MTV Radio Network. "When you see the video it may change your mind, and that's what we're looking to do... 'Cause not everybody is going to like everything. We know that, but we're trying to touch everybody."

The video for "Think About You" is performance-based, but it also features individual vignettes of the group's members -- Teddy, Chauncey, Eric, and Terrell -- each "thinking about" a special girl during happier times.

Aside from the new Blackstreet record, "Think About You" is also featured on the soundtrack

to the upcoming MTV film, "The Wood," starring Omar Epps and Taye Diggs.