Teddy Riley Focuses On Guy Rather Than Blackstreet's Uncertain Future

The R&B trio Guy has finally put together a new album after a decade of solo pursuits by its three members, Teddy Riley and brothers Aaron and Damion Hall.

In the interim since Guy's last album, 1990's "Future," Aaron, the elder of the Hall brothers, has released two solo LPs, "Truth" in 1993 and "Inside Of You" in 1998, while Damion released his own solo record, "Straight To The Point," in 1994.

Riley kept himself busy writing and producing for the likes of Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, SWV, and Keith Sweat, and he enjoyed most of his post-Guy success as a member of Blackstreet, who earned a monster hit in 1996 with "No Diggity."

After the disappointing results of Blackstreet's last album, "Finally," released in March, rumors have abounded that the group was embroiled in some internal fighting and may have even broken up. Riley didn't do anything to put an end to such speculation during a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, admitting

he may not even work on the next Blackstreet record.

"It really depends on how I feel at the moment, you know," Riley said. "If I feel like, you know, training and fighting, going back into the ring, then I'll do it. [That situation] just makes me feel like, you know, [Guy] is really for me. If I had to make a decision today, this is it for me."

The group's new album, "Guy III," is due out on January 25.

-- John Gill