Ozzy, Manson File Suit Against Meadowlands

May 1 [12:15 EST] -- On Thursday, Ozzy Osbourne officially joined Marilyn Manson and concert promoter Delsner-Slater in its lawsuit against the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Manson's First Amendment attorney, Paul Cambria, says the Meadowlands arena is violating the band's free speech rights by refusing to put tickets on sale for the June 15 Ozzfest, featuring Ozzy, unless Manson is off the bill.

Cambria says the plaintiffs filed a preliminary injunction in New Jersey federal district court directing the Meadowlands to permit the concert and to place tickets on sale, and a judge is expected to rule this Tuesday.

The Meadowlands was also expected to file its response by late Friday afternoon.

Cambria is also sprucing up the final touches on a lawsuit against the Tupelo, Mississippi-based Reverend Donald Wildmon and his organization, the American Family Association, which has campaigned against what it perceives as

offensive rock lyrics.

Cambria recently sent Wildmon a cease and desist letter asking him to stop disseminating what he says are false and libelous stories about Marilyn Manson on its Internet site and through its journal and phone messages.

The attorney says Wildmon responded to the letter by claiming that an AFA licensee (the Gulf Coast chapter in Biloxi, MI) was responsible, not his national organization.

Cambria said, "We're not buying any of it," and noted that the website has since been shut down and that the AFA's phone bank now invites people to submit information about Marilyn Manson.

Wildmon did not return calls to MTV News at press time.