Ozzy's Had Enough Of The Bat Question

June 13 [7:55 EDT] -- After much legal huffing and puffing, Ozzy and Marilyn will finally be together this weekend. Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest welcomes aboard Marilyn Manson this Sunday at a stop at the New Jersey Meadowlands which required a court order to overcome the objections of venue officials.

Ozzy himself is no stranger to the sort of wild-eyed Satanism charges currently being rained down upon Manson, and he recently told MTV News that it gets old after a while.

"The only thing about having a controversial edge to it, is you get pretty damn tired of when people still to this day go, 'So Oz, did you really bite the head off a bat?' So, oh, come on," Ozzy said.

"Can you imagine how many times I've been asked that question? Drives me nuts." [1MB QuickTime]

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