Ozzy, Janet Weigh In On Spice Split As Ginger's Farewell Surfaces

As the world struggles to find meaning in a Ginger-free Spice World, news of Geri Halliwell's final Spice-ly duties has come up.

Ironically enough, it turns out that Halliwell's farewell turn as Ginger Spice comes in "Viva Forever," the most recent video shot for the "Spice World" album. There are no plans yet to release the video in the States.

While Halliwell has reportedly been spotted at George Michael's villa in the South of France, the remaining Spice Girls are now preparing for their third appearance as a foursome Tuesday at Luciano Pavarotti¹s War Child charity show in Italy.

While the Spice Girls are soldiering on, so are their music world colleagues, some of whom seem genuinely shaken by the news of Halliwell's departure from the group. Our friends at MTV Europe caught up with reigning metal overlord Ozzy Osbourne, who was shocked to hear of the split.

"She left the band? You're kidding me," exclaimed Osbourne, who pays tribute to the Spicey

ones in a video that precedes his concerts. "Quit the band for what reason? That's really weird that is. I always heard that they were tight. For what it's worth, they're not going to be around in another 10 years. They're going out of it, you know. It's really weird the way people flake off. It's like then there were three, then were four, then there will be one Spice Girl left [950k QuickTime], but good luck to them."

MTV Europe also caught up with Janet Jackson, who was more optimistic about the group's future.

"When a person's down, or something happens, you find a way," Jackson said. "You figure it out somehow. I mean, I feel it's just like with us, when someone winds up getting hurt, even when you do have a swing... There are times when we didn't have a swing, and you make it work. I'm sure they'll find a way to really make it work."

The suddenly Ginger-less Spice Girls will launch a U.S. tour on June 15

in West Palm Beach, Florida.