"Spawn" Creator Talks About Teaming With Korn, Ozzy, Kiss, And Pearl Jam

Comic book kingpin and "Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane has teamed with Korn, Pearl Jam, Kiss, and Ozzy Osbourne, but that doesn't mean he's a metalhead.

The maverick animator recently directed Pearl Jam's "Do The Evolution" [28.8 RealVideo], crafted the cover of Korn's "Follow The Leader" album, designed a new generation of Kiss action figures, and hopes to market an Ozzy Osbourne figure and magazine next year. However, the entrepreneur said that the common thread that drew him to these acts has nothing to do with music.

"The thing that I look for isn't necessarily like, 'Who's my favorite band and who do I want to do and stuff,' because again I don't know if there's that much commercial-bility with CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival)," McFarlane recently told MTV News.

"Like when Kiss people go, 'Are you a huge fan of Kiss?' Well, not

necessarily the music, I can't tell you like every single word of every single album that they've ever put out, but again they've been around for 25 years. Pearl Jam I admire on the level that they created a bit of again the 'grunge' and they decided to take on Ticketmaster too. I'm a guy who's always like railed against the system and anybody that like sits there and goes against giants, I just go like, 'Fine,' because I've made a life of doing that." [28.8 RealVideo]

McFarlane, who bucked the system himself when he left Marvel Comics to launch his own company, may be bringing a bit of a Midas touch to these acts. The Pearl Jam video he directed is one of the top ten requested videos on MTV, the Korn album bearing his cover art debuted at number one, and Kiss' "Psycho Circus" album (which spawned a McFarlane comic series of the same name) debuts at number three next week.

You can check out much more of our interview with Todd McFarlane, as well as a long, dark

look at his artwork, in our MTV News Online Feature of the Week, which will pop up right here on Friday.