McFarlane Unveils Ozzy Figure, Confesses To Buying $3 Million McGwire Homerun Ball

On Monday morning, "Spawn" creator and Grammy-nominated video director Todd McFarlane announced that he is the mysterious baseball enthusiast who shelled out $3 million last month for the coveted Mark McGwire 70th home run ball.

The artifact, dubbed "the Hope Diamond of baseball," is the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold, and was worth less than $5 before McGwire knocked it into the stands. It turns out that the ball is just one of nine balls from McGwire and Sammy Sosa that the self-described "sports geek" picked up, describing himself as a "guy who has more money than brains collection." That may not necessarily be the case anymore as McFarlane told reporters that he spent his life savings on the balls.

On Monday, McFarlane also unveiled his latest toy creation, an Ozzy Osbourne action figure complete with decapitated doves. Ozzy himself was on-hand with McFarlane to christen the figure, which was remarkably buff.


it's kind of very flattering," Osbourne noted when viewing the figure in the McFarlane Toys showroom. "I don't know what to say. I look at bit like the Conan the Barbarian on LSD."

"Sharon, his wife, wanted him to look svelte, right, so she wanted that studly Ozzy figure that's there," McFarlane explained to MTV News. "Does he look a little bit like McGwire? I don't think he'd break the record the way I have him sculpted, but I bet he could pound about 42 home runs with the build I gave him" [28.8 RealVideo].

McFarlane's Ozzy figure is expected to hit toy stores this summer. Meanwhile, the real Ozzy will play Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday with the recently reunited Black Sabbath.