Black Grape's Ryder To Play Avenger Bully

June 23 [12:00 EDT] -- Black Grape's founder, vocalist Shaun Ryder, will be making his big screen debut in $40 million movie version of sixties TV series "The Avengers."

Black Grape's Shaun Ryder will be making his big screen debut in a supporting role to Sean Connery, Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes in the movie version of the popular Sixties TV series "The Avengers."

British newswire PA News reports the notoriously rowdy Ryder will play a villain called Bully Boy.

An actor in the film told PA News that Ryder plays "third bad guy" and spends a lot of time fighting and driving round in minis. The movie is currently being filmed at the legendary Pinewood Studios in England.

Ryder was the frontman for Happy Mondays before the band self-destructed in 1993. The rehabilitated singer debuted Black Grape in 1995. He lives in Ireland with Oriole Leitch, daughter of sixties star Donovan.