New Black Grape CD, Movie For Ryder

July 7 [12:00 EDT] -- Shaun Ryder has been doing double duty. The former Happy Mondays singer is recording a new album with his band Black Grape, plus as we reported previously, he's starring in a big screen remake of "The Avengers."

Ryder, considered the bad boy of British rock for antics like staying the four letter word that begins with "f" and rhymes with "duck" on national TV 16 times, is currently being called 'Scarface.' He showed up at an interview with Britain's New Musical Express sporting bruises and a long, crescent-shaped scratch across his cheek, as it turns out, from accidental contact with co-star transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard during one of many fight scenes. Ryder has a fairly substantial role in the flick playing (naturally) a bad guy named Bully Boy along side Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and the star of the original sixties TV series, Patrick McNee.

Ryder tells NME that in spite of his hectic schedule, the album is progressing nicely and that the first

single, called "Marble," should be out by the end of September. Other song titles include "Squeaky," "Tell Me Something," "Jam Stax," "Rubber Band," "Get Higher," "Spotlight," "Lonely," "Words" and "Daddy Was A Baddy."