Happy Mondays On The Road To Reform

Shaun Ryder may be reforming his old band Happy Mondays. It seems Ryder has been hinting at the reunion in a weekly column he writes for a paper in the U.K. according to "New Musical Express."

He wrote that he was missing "the buzz" and speculated that the regrouping would be singer Ryder and his brother Paul, who was the original bass player, along with the original drummer, Gary "Gaz" Whelan. He added that he didn't know where percussionist Mark "Bez" Berry would stand on a reunion, but added that "he'll probably want about 27 million pounds." He said the keyboard player and the guitarist (presumably Paul Davis and Mark Day respectively) would not be involved.

NME also quoted a source close to Ryder as saying that the singer had received a number of very lucrative offers from agents and promoters to reform the band.

Happy Mondays was formed in the 1980's in Manchester, England and had their first hit in 1990 with Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches, which hit

No. 1 in Britain. The band disintegrated amid stories of drug abuse and internal strife. Two years later, Ryder and Bez formed Black Grape. That band recorded two albums before apparently imploding at a festival last December (see "Black Grape... What's Going On?") leaving just Ryder and unofficial bandmate and production whiz Danny Saber to wind down the band.

Most recently Ryder's been dabbling in movies. He had a small role in the "The Avengers" remake released earlier this year, and is now working on a feature called "Molly's Idle Ways," (see "Black Grape May Or May Not Be Crushed, New Film For Ryder"). That story is based on Ryder's personal experiences in the underbelly of Manchester. The flick is being directed by "Too Nice" Tom Bruggen (TNT), the man who shot the Black Grape documentary "Grape Tapes."