Frank Black Talks About His Long, Hard Road To Record Stores

After almost a year and a half of legal wrangling and rejection from record label after record label, the latest work from alt rock pioneer Frank Black will arrive in record stores next week.

Black, whose "Frank Black and the Catholics" arrives in stores on September 8, recorded his latest album in March of 1997 and spent much of the time that has followed trying to find a home for it after leaving his former label, American Recordings.

"There was some contractual stuff I had to deal with," Black told MTV News of his departure from the label.

Black then began shopping the raw rock record (which he recorded in just three days to two tracks) to other labels, and in his estimation, got the cold shoulder from 20 of them.

"Sometimes you'd be'd get a call from someone, 'Hey man, I really wanted to hear this new record I've been hearing about,'" Black said describing those days. "You send them the record, and of course you never get a phone call back

and you try to call them and they're in a meeting. You're like, o.k. You get the cold treatment. They don't even want to touch you with a 10-foot pole."

Even for a seasoned veteran like Black, who cut his teeth and a place for himself in music history with the Pixies in the late '80s, the album-shopping process was enough to shake his confidence.

"Almost hypothetically I would doubt the record because we weren't having any luck with it so we would sort of ask the question, 'Wow, is the record actually good enough?'" Black said. "And then, that would immediately get turned around though with one listen of the record. We would listen to the record and go, 'No, we stand by it and sorry, let's just continue on.'"

Eventually, Black found the folks at the New York indie label SpinArt, who shared his enthusiasm in "Frank Black and the Catholics," and will release the album next Tuesday. Black's album also found a home at, which is making MP3 versions of

each of the album's tracks available online.

After more than a year of trying to convince others of the worth of his album, Black, a traditionally reluctant salesman, is already tired of pushing his latest effort.

"I still stand by it, but I mean my brain is definitely somewhere else," Black said after looking back on the long road that his upcoming album will have traveled by the time it hits stores next week. "I'm getting ready to work on my next record. It's unfortunate, but this record is sort of over for me… It's not like we don't like it anymore, but you know we're definitely getting revved up to play new songs and new recordings and hopefully improve what we did last time. You know, that's where my mind is."

You can find out where Black's mind was a year ago when "Frank Black and the Catholics" hits stores next week.