Lenny Kravitz Plans Tour With Everlast And The Black Crowes

Despite some critical knocks, Lenny Kravitz has managed to build-up a groundswell of support for his most recent album, "5," thanks to a near-constant touring schedule and a string of singles that have held strong on the modern rock charts.

Kravitz has even garnered a Grammy nomination in the category of "Best Rock Male Vocal Performance" for one of those singles, "Fly." Now the vintage-flavored rocker says he's looking forward to a mini-package tour he's assembling for this summer -- a music fest that would include performances from Everlast and the Black Crowes.

"Well, it's my tour and it's our tour," Kravitz told the MTV Radio Network, "it's a bunch of people and it's gonna be great. It's myself, the Black Crowes, Everlast and Cree Summer, a new artist [whose debut record] I produced. So, I put this tour together and we're gonna be out pretty much all summer with it."

"It just kind of came together

as the right thing," Kravitz continued. "The Crowes rock live. They're a great live band. And I thought Everlast was interesting with what he's doing, so we contacted his people and he was down to do it."[28.8 RealAudio]

No word yet on when a Kravitz-Everlast-Black Crowes outing might kick-off, but we'll keep you posted.