Björk Eyes Remote Island Home

If you think Björk has a low profile now, just wait.

The singer, who fronted the Sugarcubes before carving a career as a techno chanteuse, is reportedly thinking of buying an island off the western coast of Scotland that has no electricity and no phone lines.

The "Nando Times," a website run by a newspaper company that owns publications across the U.S., reports that Björk is considering shelling out $800,00 for Eilean Righ, a 237-acre island that is currently owned by the Duke of Waldegrave.

The Duke told the British news service PA that he has not been contacted by Björk, but he said that he would be glad to sell her the property.

"I like her music very much. They call her a pop musician, but she is rather more than that," the Duke told PA.

Björk is reportedly looking for a bit of privacy for herself and her son Sindri after an obsessed fan mailed an acid bomb to the singer in the fall of 1996. The package was intercepted before

reaching Björk's house.