Björk Explains New Video, Blasts Retirement Reports As "Rubbish"

Radical British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, known in fashion circles for his highly imaginative catwalk theatrics, recently got his first break as a director courtesy of Bjork.

The Icelandic singer told MTV News that she felt that the music video industry needed a "spank on the bum," and that McQueen was the man to do it with the clip for her "Alarm Call." [28.8 RealVideo]

McQueen's couture shows for his own line and Givenchy are more like fashion-performance events than your standard runway fare, and even once included a recreation of the Joan of Arc saga.

"I haven't seen many fashion shows in my life, but you go to his shows and you come out feeling like anything is possible," the singer explained during a soundcheck for a performance with the Brodsky Quartet Friday night in England. She went on to describe McQueen as a "guy with a powerful and fluid mind who could direct films, build castles, and write music."

The bad boy renaissance man wrote up a nearly 100-page treatment of his ideas for the video. The result is a surprisingly sedate video in which Bjork is transformed into a nature girl of the Amazon who challenges a school of piranha and bonds in a rather erotic fashion with a python.

Bjork also told MTV News that tabloid reports that she was quitting the music business because of crazed, obsessive fans is "media rubbish."

"I'm glad to be of creative inspiration to those people, but I'd be embarrassed if I ever stopped making music," Bjork said.

In fact, Bjork notes that she has 15 songs written for a new album, and denied that she plans to do an album of nothing but love songs.

"I just write the music I want to write," Bjork said. "I'm not really good with plans, so the record will just become what it becomes."

Bjork also noted that her upcoming acting debut in Danish director Lars Von Trier's "Dancer in the Dark" does not mean an end to her


"It's not really me, you know?" she said of acting.

"Alarm Call has been remixed for radio by Mark Bell and Andy Bradfield and will be included on the "Mod Squad" soundtrack in the spring. In the meantime, two home videos ("Volumen," a collection of her videos and the concert video "Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire") will be released December 15.