Bis: Catching Up With The Electric Youth

July 23 [7:55 EDT] -- The Bis message of teen power over all doesn't mean that the group wants to rid the world of old folks... they just want to make everyone, well, younger.

"It's all about enthusiasm and just sticking to what you believe in and not being pressured into something by other people," the trio's Manda Rin told MTV News Online of the group's youth-over-all message.

The trio pulls together the influences of keyboardist/vocalist Manda (a fan of "powerful female bands like Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney"), guitarist/vocalist John Disco (who has an affinity for techno and hip-hop), and guitarist/vocalist Sci-Fi Steven (who has an "obsession" with disco and ska).

So far, the mix has made for a string of hits in Great Britain, and a smashing stateside release with "the new transistor heroes." ["This Is Fake DIY" Video Clip, 1MB QuickTime]

Much has been made of the mind-bogglingly exuberant fuzz pop of this Scottish

outfit, and the youth brigade message behind it (the band's elder statesman, Steven, is only 21).

However, the group is quick to point out that it's not about age... it's about fun.

The group looks no further than the executive pool of their record label, Grand Royal, for proof that you don't have to calm down when you get older.

"I don't think the Beastie Boys have ever grown up... That's the best example," Steven said. "They still have fun with what they do."

"That's the thing," Manda added. "Every band that we like... they're a lot older than us. Even like just five or six years, but still. Even a band like Bikini Kill... they're not 20-years-old... they're still singing like you wouldn't expect someone of that age."

Bis' admitted prime directive is to pull concert-goers out of their self-conscious cocoons, loosen them up, and yes, even get them to dance.

"In Britain especially, there's too many people who are scared to dance at clubs

because they think they're too old to enjoy a band," Manda said.

"You have that in America too," John noted.

"We'd like to bring the entire audience out of their shell," Steven said.

And the best way to achieve that goal, as far as Bis is concerned, is to set a good example.

"That's what we're trying to encourage," Manda said. "I think if you can see us acting like a bunch of twits on stage, then everyone else can too."

"You've got look like you're enjoying it yourself," Manda explained. "Bands like Oasis, you can't see anyone in the crowd jumping around like crazy, because they're not. They look really bored, and as if they want to go home. That's a horrible thing to watch."

Bis kicked off a brief U.S. tour with a performance in New York City at the Intel Music Festival last Friday. If you want to catch the buzz, Pollstar says you can check out the band at the following venues:

  • 7/24 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
  • 7/26 - Chicago,

    IL @ Metro

  • 7/27 - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
  • 8/5 - Mesa, AZ @ Hollywood Alley
  • 8/7 - Palo Alto, CA @ Edge