Bis Lends A Hand To "The Powerpuff Girls"

While their new album won't be hitting the States until early next year, the pop-fueled and techno-punk adorned trio Bis have delivered at least some new material to these shores in the form of the group's theme song for the new animated series "The Powerpuff Girls."

The show will debut on the Cartoon Network later this month, and will sport an amped-up action packed theme song courtesy of the Scottish trio.

"It's completely cheesy. It's like ideal," the band's John Disco told MTV News recently of the track. "We're very pleased about that, and they love it as well. It's something that... we've done it now, so we don't really have to do it again, unless someone asks us and gives us loads of money to do it.

The band, which is in the States to play the annual CMJ Music Marathon in New York, said that the Hanna-Barbera camp had been in touch with the group for some

time, and the two parties were simply waiting for the right project to come along. Enter the creative team behind the Cartoon Network's "Dexter's Laboratory" and three cutesy-pie superheroes known as the Powerpuff Girls.

"I think it's a good thing for us to do," Bis' Manda Rin said of the song. "It shows that we can do these kind of things when asked. Like, not many bands could you say, 'Right, you've got a week to do a cartoon theme tune. Can you do it?' Not many probably could, but we turned it around and they're so happy with it. They just say, 'Oh, it's the best chorus you've ever written,' and stuff. It's like, 'Oh god, it's really cheesy.'"

"'Oh my god, it only took me five minutes,'" [28.8 RealVideo] the group's Sci-Fi Steven added.

"And we got into New York yesterday and we saw a trailer for it on the TV, and we're like, 'Oh my god, it's going to be…

it's bigger than we realized it's going to be.' So it's quite a good thing," Manda added.

The band is also hoping that the theme song will perk up the ears of those unfamiliar with the Bis experience.

"Cartoon theme tunes down the years have been quite good really," Sci-Fi Steven said. "I mean, I quite like the Primus one on 'South Park,' and I don't like Primus. So hopefully this will get people buying our records who actually hate us."

"That's a lot of people," Manda added.

Bis can be heard when "The Powerfuff Girls" debuts on the Cartoon Network on November 18, and in the band's more natural element when its next album, "Social Dancing," arrives early next year.