Sick Of It All, Biohazard, Civ, Cro Mags Stage Hardcore Benefit

Some of New York hardcore's finest, including Sick Of It All, Biohazard, Burn [Burn live, 480k QuickTime], Civ and a reunited Cro Mags [Cro Mags live, 700k QuickTime], gathered together on Sunday to stage a benefit for the city's homeless.

"These shows, you know, they come around every once in awhile, and it's really good to be here for it," Sick Of It All's Pete Koller told MTV News of the event.

"This is the stuff legends are made of," the band's Lou Koller added. "It's not like any of these bands sell a million records. This is more personal, spiritual. I guess you would say." [500k QuickTime]

The event, organized by John Joseph of the groups Both Worlds and the Cro Mags, managed to raise close to $12,000 to help feed New York's homeless.

"The hardcore scene has always pulled together to help each other," Joseph said of the drive behind the event. "Now we're even taking it to the next level by helping homeless people who we don't even necessarily know and who don't even listen to hardcore music. [480k QuickTime] So basically, we wanna' help everybody."