Biohazard Talks About Its "Old School" Sound

New York hardcore mainstays Biohazard are currently preparing their sixth album, and fans will be glad to know that the band is planning to stick to the game plan that it came up with when it formed in Brooklyn in 1988.

"Right now (our sound) is going back to a lot of the old school feel of what Biohazard was doing back in the day," Biohazard vocalist/bassist Evan Seinfeld told MTV News at the recent Hardcore For Hunger benefit in New York. "It was kind of before its time. We're going back to it."

The band said that while the music that makes the charts may change, they plan to stick to what they know.

"It's not a happy go lucky world, you know?" Seinfeld said. "If I'm pissed off, or I'm having a sh***y life, Beck is not going to make me feel better." [500k QuickTime]

"Musical trends may come and go but people will

always need to have that escapist heavy music to turn to when they can't deal with life anymore, when things get heavy," [700k QuickTime] drummer Danny Schuler added.

Biohazard expects to release its new album in either September or October of this year on Def Jam/Mercury Records.