Fans React To Biggie's Murder

March 10 [10:00 EST] -- While Biggie Smalls' loss was felt throughout the rap community, the news hit especially hard with fans. From his neighborhood, Brooklyn, New York to the distant reaches of cyberspace, fans sound off...

Fan 1: When I first heard Biggie Smalls died this morning, my first reaction was ultimate shock. I was in total disbelief that he was dead. He was one of my favorite rap artists, and I can't believe it; I'm totally astounded that he's gone from my community; another black brother is gone.


Fan 2: It's a shame. We killing our own people. You know it don't make sense - that was somebody's son, that was somebody's father. You know what I'm saying - where we going to stop?


Nelson George, author: I think Biggie's a person who really had truly deep fans who felt his world view spoke to them and articulated things they could not articulate themselves. It gives a profound sense

of loss - and its like losing a friend.


Bill Stephney, CEO, Stepson Entertainment: These sorts of situations are declared, in my estimation, as part of a national emergency. I don't see how we can affect people personally. Everyone who plays a rap record or rap video or writes about the music has to deal with the larger issues of violence, culture, morality and soul within this society and the culture. And that's on a continual basis cause pretty soon we won't have any rappers left. I think the latest killing of this very talented artist is outrageous it doesn't matter what color you are or what type of music you listen to, where is the respect and general love for mankind? Slowly but surely we are turning our music into silence!!!!! I can't say that I knew Biggie personally, but I can say that I am a big fan and that I am very sorry about this tragedy. I send my love to his wife

and son and to the entire family. I hope that his album receives the respect that it deserves. Why the rappers keep killing each other? B.I.G was not only a great musician, he was a very young man.