Police Release Sketch Of Biggie Murder Suspect

March 24 [18:20 EST] -- At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Los Angeles police released a composite sketch of the man they believe may have killed rapper The Notorious B.I.G. in a drive by shooting on March 9. The sketch is of a clean cut African American male in his early 20s who was wearing a bow tie at the time of the murder.

Police also said that the suspect was the only person in the vehicle, acting as both driver and shooter in the incident, and said that a 9 mm handgun was the murder weapon.

As we reported earlier, the Houston, Texas "Chronicle" reported on Thursday that the big break in the case came from a tipster's call to the TV show "America's Most Wanted." The tipster called about a videotape shot by Houston residents who were in L.A. for the "Soul Train Awards." The videotape, which L.A. detectives and Texas authorities seized on March 18, reportedly captured Biggie's murder and the face of his killer.

However police said that the composite

sketch they released was not based on the videotape, but rather on accounts from two eyewitnesses from New York who were in the Suburban with Biggie when he was shot.

MTV News will have more on the case, including the sketch of the man that police believe may have killed Biggie Smalls, throughout Thursday night and Friday morning on MTV. For breaking developments, tune in to MTV News or check in with MTV News Online for updates in the case.