Puffy Films Biggie Tribute Video

KURT: Meanwhile, there's a new video for a double-sided tribute to the late rapper Notorious B.I.G., which will arrive in record stores this Tuesday. The single is called "We'll Always Love You, Big Poppa," and is backed with a track called "I'll Be Missing You" that features such friends and family as Biggie's widow, Faith Evans -- not to mention a very familiar instrumental riff. Friend and mentor Puffy Combs was the executive producer, and Abbie Kearse stopped by for a chat.

ABBIE KEARSE, MTV News: We've been led to this location without much information, so I'm curious, what is the video going to look like and also tell me about the song a little bit.

HYPE WILLIAMS: Well, basically this particular song is Sean Combs' own personal tribute to the Notorious B.I.G., who obviously is a friend and business partner somewhat. Basically, the look and the feel of the video is kind of a visual interpretation of how Mr. Combs feels at the present time.


For the Bigge Smalls tribute song, Sean "Puffy" Combs found inspiration in the 80s hit single for the Police, "Every Breath You Take".

SEAN "PUFFY" COMBS: It was like two weeks after the death of Biggie, I was watching MTV, just being in the house, and that song came on and made me feel a certain way.

KEARSE: In the world of rap music, especially today, when you sample a song, you have to get clearance for it, so did you approach Sting?

COMBS: Yeah, Sting let us use the song. A&M Records, thank goodness, let us use the song. They felt where we was coming from. Sting has a lot of soul, Sting's a different type of individual. You listen to all of his stuff -- he's got a lot of soul and if you have a lot of soul then you understand hip-hop.

FAITH EVANS, Biggie's Widow: That line means so much to me because when he died -- although we were separated, we weren't living together anymore -- but we always had this certain bond, like no matter what was going

on in the news at this time, we always had a certain bond.

KEARSE: The song and video for "I'll Be Missing You" expresses the emotion of his friends and family. They also shared with us a lot of memories of Biggie Smalls.

Q, 112: If anyone knew Big, Christopher Wallace, you knew that he was a people's person, always laughing always smiling.

VOLETTA WALLACE, Biggie's Mom: The last video I saw, [video clip, "Hypnotize," 2.3 MB QuickTime], he was happy, and that's how I know Christopher. I don't know Christopher as the sulky Notorious B.I.G. I know Christopher as happy go lucky.

KEARSE: It's true, in the video you see him smiling.

WALLACE: That's the laugh I know, that's the smile I remember.

KURT: For more on the big man in his own words and the latest developments in the search for his murderer, tune in to "MTV News Presents" on Sunday night at 10:30 for

"Notorious B.I.G. Raw."