Big Punisher Talks About Not Being A Player

December 30 [14:00 EDT] -- One of the hottest hip hop singles out right now is "I'm Not A Player" [800k QuickTime] by a newcomer who calls himself Big Punisher.

The Bronx native is part of an expanding crew of Latino rappers that also includes Fat Joe, Cuban Links, and The Beatnuts. "I'm Not A Player" finds Big Punisher spitting out raunchy rhymes over a sample of the O'Jays "Darlin', Darlin', Baby."

"I was thinkin', 'You know what? You could be the first one to take a song like (Kool) G Rap's "XXX" or Akinyele's "Put It In Your Mouth" and make it commmercial. And I was like, "I'll try it." And I did it, and it worked," [800k QuickTime] Big Punisher told MTV News recently.

The rapper's debut album, "Capitol Punishment" will be released in February.