Big Punisher Talks "Capitol Punishement"

A rapper whose star is quickly rising is Big Punisher. Both Busta Rhymes and Noriega turn up on the debut album, called "Capitol Punishment," featuring the hit single "I'm Not A Player" [800k QuickTime].

Big Punisher recently told MTV News what we can expect. "Me, I do it all. I bring together sophisticated hardcore, you know: pure adrenaline, right up here, coming at you 100 miles an hour [350k QuickTime]. But, like I said, sophisticated hardcore. You can understand what I'm feeling, if I'm offended. And it's still hardcore, you know, we're just talkin' about everyday life."

Currently Big Punisher is working on a remix of "I'm Not A Player" with R&B singer, Joe, who had a hit with "I Don't Wanna Be A Player."

"Capitol Punishment" is due out in April.