Big Punisher Talks About Being A Music Heavyweight

Big Punisher is currently making a big impression in more ways than one these days. His debut album, "Capital Punishment," is number 11 on the pop chart, where it entered last week at number five.

Of course, Big Pun is also attracting attention due to his sprawling physical presence. Big Pun and his partner Fat Joe, are the latest hip-hop stars to carry on the weighty tradition of Heavy D, and the late Notorious B.I.G.

"That a big guy could do something that the skinny people could do is even more impressive," Big Pun told MTV News recently. "It looks even better, like you got a fat guy that could play ball real good. It stands out even more... Like when Joe do his rhymes, and I come out and they think I'm his bouncer or something and I'm spitting. It's even better, you know what I'm saying? [550k Quicktime]. But if you're bad though, you look even worse."

Big Punisher can currently be seen in the video for "Still Not A Player" [740k QuickTime], a remix of his hit "I'm Not A Player." The remix features R&B singer Joe, not to be confused with Big Pun's partner Fat Joe. Last year Joe had a hit of his own called "Don't Wanna Be A Player."