Fat Joe On Breaking Down Doors With Big Pun

Despite the pouring rain and doctor's orders to rest, rotund rapper Big Punisher did appear at this year's National Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City on Sunday, and shared a float with fellow Latino rapper, Fat Joe.

Though the float was forced out of the parade after getting a flat tire, the big guys were still the stars of the show, and record execs took the opportunity to present Pun with a gold certification for his debut album, "Capital Punishment."

Fat Joe, who discovered Big Pun and executive-produced "Capital Punishment," spoke with MTV News about Pun's success and why it was even more special on the day of the parade.

"Pun is gold right now," Joe said, "and he's one week away from platinum. It's just great, because he did it. He's breaking down the doors. Hopefully in another five years or so, it'll be common for every Latino and black artist to sell gold or platinum cause we're breaking down those doors."

Big Pun is currently resting as per his doctor's instructions, but plans to launch a tour in the fall.

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