Miss Jones Tells How Big Punisher Came Calling

After teaming up with Big Punisher, rapper Miss Jones is hoping to step into the spotlight herself with her debut album, "The Other Woman," which arrives this summer.

For the album, Jones isn't completely severing her Big Pun ties. The chart-topping rapper recently completed a remix of Miss Jones' first single, "Two Way Street." "He was the bomb to work with," Jones told our colleagues in the MTV Radio Network of her work with Big Pun.

"He is such a star, real personable, and even though he is so huge on the charts now, he doesn't give that off. You never feel he's snotty or anything like that."

The single and album mark the first releases from Miss Jones since she scored an underground hit with "Don't Front" four years ago. While she may have been out of sight, she wasn't out of the minds of Big Pun and Fat Joe, who approached her about appearing on their album "Capital


"You know how people stop checking for you or whatever," Jones said. "They came looking for me to do this song, so I always give them much love." [300k Audio]

Jones, who also works at a New York radio station, plans to release "The Other Woman" on Motown Records this summer.