Big Punisher On Growing Up With The Hardcore

King-size rapper Big Punisher recently surpassed another threshold in rap music when sales of his "Capital Punishment" album helped him become the first Latino solo rapper to have sold a million albums.

Even though Pun's break-through single, "Still Not a Player" [500k QuickTime], has turned into one of the year's dance-floor anthems, he told MTV news that his lyrical objectives are a little more serious.

"I call it sophisticated hardcore," Pun said, "because hard-core music is usually about blasting guns on the corner, [and that's OK if] you're 15 years old. But I'm older than that now, I'm 26 years old. So hard-core for me is different."

"It's now about losing my job," he explained, "it's about how my brother's wife cheated on him, it's about the more adult issues we¹re dealing with, so I call it sophisticated hardcore. I'm bringing that into the game for all the cats now, for those that liked hardcore when they were 15, but

now they're in their twenties, so they still like that hardcore vibe just not the old subject matter." [300k QuickTime]

As we previously reported (see "Big Punisher On The 'Sophisticated Hardcore'"), Big Pun is a little bit of a hardcore historian, and credits the likes of the late Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. as the originators of his style of rap.