Stars, Fans Say Goodbye At Big Pun Memorial

Hip-hop stars and fans alike walked side by side Thursday night as hundreds turned up at a Bronx funeral home to say farewell to the late Big Pun.

The rapper died of a heart attack earlier this week (see "Big Punisher Suffers Fatal Heart Attack"), and friends, family, fellow musicians, and fans headed to the Ortiz Funeral Home for a public viewing on Thursday. Lil' Kim, Puffy Combs, L.L. Cool J, and Big Pun's most frequent collaborator, Fat Joe, were among the artists who came out to pay their respects.

"I'm kind of empty right now, but at the same time I'm kind of proud of my brother, because he affected the whole world," Pun's Terror Squad counterpart Triple Seis told MTV News. "He made an impact on the whole world. As you can see, everybody loved him."

While Pun's high-profile friends came out, so did his fans, sporting Puerto Rican flags, Big Pun t-shirts, and fond memories of the rapper.

"I just loved his

music, and I just want to say, much love to Big Pun," one female fan declared. "He's always got my respect, and I'm always going to be a fan of his music."

"Honestly, I hope that everyone takes this as a lesson and strives toward what they want, because Pun did that," a male fan noted. "He came from out of nowhere and became a big star, and he broke barriers, and that's why he's important to us."

After opening their doors to mourners on Thursday evening, the Ortiz Funeral Home once again welcomed the public to Pun's viewing throughout the day Friday. The late rapper will be buried in a private ceremony over the weekend, and word is soon expected on a public memorial service for Big Pun in the Bronx.