Big Pun Goes To Movies On Posthumous Album

Finding inspiration from Hollywood to the 'hood, Big Punisher sampled music from the movies "Rocky II" and "The Breakfast Club" as well as from hardcore rapper DMX on his second solo album, which he completed shortly before he died.

"Yeeeah Baby," which Big Pun recorded in the fall and early this year, will be released on April 4.

"It's the same thing [musically, as before], except now we know we have a bigger audience," Soundboy, the engineer who recorded and mixed most of the album, said on Thursday. "That gave him the liberty to do songs he wouldn't normally give to you."

On one new track, "Laughing at You," the rapper turned to the 1985 high-school movie "The Breakfast Club." Using a sample of Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)," the movie's theme song, Big Pun crafted a tale of a high-school nerd who grows up to outshine his classmates, according to Soundboy.

The album's first single will be "Leather Face," on which Big Pun samples DMX's

"Niggas Done Started Something" and the Bill Conti instrumental "Redemption" from "Rocky II," Soundboy said.

On one "Yeeeah Baby" song, Big Pun pays tribute to his roots. "100%" uses Latin rhythms and instruments, including congas, and in one section a guest rapper, Young Sunshine, sings the Puerto Rican anthem "La Borinquena."

"You know right there all the boricuas will go bananas," Soundboy said, using a slang term for Puerto Ricans.

Among the guest rappers and singers on the album are Brooklyn group M.O.P., R&B singer/songwriter Donell Jones, and rappers Cuban Link and Fat Joe, friends of Big Pun and collaborators with him in the group Terror Squad.

One song from the album, "It's So Hard," has already had radio play, with stations airing it as a tribute to Big Pun after he passed away on February 7 (see "Big Punisher Suffers Fatal Heart Attack").

The full track listing for "Yeeeah Baby" is as follows:

  • "100%"
  • "Laughing At You"
  • "It's So Hard"
  • "It's My Turn"
  • "Off With Ya Head"
  • "Wrong Ones"
  • "Get Off My D**k"
  • "It's OK"
  • "We Don't Care"
  • "World Famous"
  • "Nigga Sh**"
  • "Leather Face"
  • "Untitled"