Better Than Ezra To Get Imprisoned For Planned Tour Film

Better Than Ezra is hoping to compile a tour documentary from concerts mounted in support of its most recent album, "How Does Your Garden Grow," and will shoot several NYC shows next week for the film.

A spokesman for Elektra Records confirms that the group will be taping performance and interview footage at the trio's March 18 and 19 dates at New York City's Bowery Ballroom. There are also plans to shoot Ezra's appearance at an anti-violence benefit in NYC on March 27, and another concert to be held at an undetermined Louisiana prison in the near future.

The film crew has actually been following BTE on and off for the last few months, as the idea for the behind-the-scenes flick has been kicking-around since "Garden's" release in August, and the band eventually hired some of its New Orleans friends to serve as the crew.

The Elektra rep said that the Better Than Ezra project was very much a work in progress, adding that a release date or final format had not been determined

for the planned documentary.