The Beta Band Doesn't Believe Its Own Hype

The Beta Band, a deeply eclectic combo comprising three Scots and one Englishman, touched down these shores recently to play a handful of shows in support of its first full-length (and self-titled) album.

The group's affinity for Celtic drones and fresh, homemade grooves has already won warm reviews from its native lands, but as the lads recently told us, they feel it's best not to buy into their own press clips.

"British bands come across here from Britain, [and] they believe all the press they get in Britain, and they think that they are this amazing band," explained the Betas' Stephen Mason. "They come across here, and Americans just go, 'Pffft, we've heard it all before, all this hype,' you know, which is why we're just trying to stay away from all that."

Mason added, "Hopefully when we're across here, people will just realize that we're about

music. We're not about trying make [like] we're the next Limeys that are going to save the world, 'cause Americans don't really care about that, do they?" [RealVideo]

"The Beta Band" is in stores now, and the group is gearing up for a full-fledged two-month Stateside tour come September.