Jimmy Jam On Mariah Carey's "Glitters" LP, Eric Benét Duet

After helping craft Janet Jackson's latest number one single, "Doesn't Really Matter," the production duo of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are back, readying a variety of projects, including songs for Mariah Carey's upcoming film, "All That Glitters."

The duo previously collaborated with Carey on the singer's 1999 album, "Rainbow," and Jam indicated to MTV News that they've already completed about a dozen new tunes for the "All That Glitters" soundtrack.

Jam said that work is continuing on the planned album, and that he and Lewis are now working on a duet for Carey and Eric Benét, who co-stars in the flick (see "Eric Benét 'Glitters' With Mariah Carey, Da Brat").

"I think we're up to 11 or 12 songs now," Jimmy Jam told MTV News, "and we're just getting ready to add another song, because Eric Benét is in


movie. So now there's this idea for a duet with Eric Benét and Mariah, and we're in the process of working on that.

"[We're writing material] as the movie evolves, and [Mariah] is in Canada shooting it right now. We just get the phone call saying, 'Hey, I need another track for a such-and-such scene,' and we just turn it around for her." [RealVideo]

Jam described the sound of the record as a throwback to the '80s, the time period in which "All That Glitters" is set, and drifting back to that era brought out a of bit of nostalgia for him and his partner.

"The story takes place in the '80s," Jam explained, "and it's interesting for us, because so much of our success was in the '80s. I mean, we've had a lot of success

in '90s and now in the

new millennium.

"But really, our roots are in the '80s with the Time and with the S.O.S. Band and all the old groups we used to do, and a lot of the ['All That Glitters'] record really sounds like that. Interestingly enough, the sounds of the '80s are really very much the current sound," he said.

"Madonna's 'Music' is a straight out of the '80s record, but it's very popular. So I think it's perfect timing, musically, to do something like that, because I think people are ready to hear those sounds [again]." [RealVideo]

"All That Glitters" is slated to arrive on screens in March 2001, with the soundtrack due out around the same time.