Ani DiFranco, Ben Folds, Soul Coughing Fight Corporate Radio

Ani DiFranco, Ben Folds Five, Soul Coughing, Firewater, Nicole Blackman, and Scanner are among the artists contributing previously unreleased material to a new compilation aimed at fighting what it sees as the corporate takeover of American radio.

The band have kicked in live and demo tracks to "Teleconnected Volume 1; We Want The Airwaves," which benefits Americans For Radio Diversity. That group was formed by music fans in Minneapolis last year when their favorite rock station, REV 105, was bought by Capitol Cities ABC and then turned into a short-lived heavy metal station.

The group is trying to fight what it sees as the increasing corporate domination of American rock radio which was made possible by the 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act which allows conglomerates to buy up an unlimited number of radio stations at a time.