Ben Folds Five, Fountains Of Wayne, 2 Skinnee J's To Play Kosovo Benefit

Charlotte, North Carolina radio station WEND is putting together a concert for refugees of the crisis in Kosovo, and has already landed Ben Folds Five, Fountains of Wayne and Dovetail Joint for the charity event.

Dubbed the Koncert for Kosovo, the show is currently scheduled for May 28 at Charlotte's Blockbuster Pavilion, and will also include sets from 2 Skinnee J's and Jimmy Eat World. Organizers will donate a portion of the concert's proceeds to a refugee relief fund to aid those affected by the ethnic conflict in Kosovo and Albania.

Audience-goers are also being asked to bring clothing and nonperishable food items to the concert, where the items will be collected and then sent to Kosovo to be distributed as part of the relief effort.

For more information on the Koncert for Kosovo, visit WEND's official website at