New Edition Get It Together On The Road

Jan. 24 [16:00 EST] -- Having recorded a reunion album, the members of New Edition are inevitably now out on the road on a reunion tour, which will stretch into the spring.

And how goes it so far?

"It's been going, yeah it's been going good," Bobby Brown told MTV News. "We had two, three dates that we had to cancel. But other than that the show is great. It's really been coming together. First night was a great show, the second night wasn't too good. We're just trying to get it together so you know basically tonight, here in New York City, is where it I think it will all come together like we really want it."

On Tuesday, New Edition released a Spanish-language version of its top-ten hit "Still In Love."

If you want to catch the harmonic vibe for yourself, you can catch up with the New Edition/BLACKstreet tour at the venues listed below.