New Edition Discuss Being On The Road

MICHAEL BIVINS: We can have the worst meetings five minutes before we go onstage and...

BOBBY BROWN: And walk onstage...

MICHAEL BIVINS: And you'd think we'd been happy all damn day.

RALPH TRESVANT: There's people right around us that say that. "I don't know how you all do it, man."

BIVINS: "I heard you all in the hallway. Did you all ever solve that problem?"' Hell no. Get in this prayer, we got to go do this.

MTV: They sing, they dance, they fight, they make up, hey, it's just like old times, but at least one member of the formerly hard-partying New Edition says the high times are now history.

BROWN: Yeah, that's changed a lot, because my wife and my children won't allow it. I get to have my fun though, you know, parties with the guys and stuff like that. We go down to the bar and stuff like that.

TRESVANT: Bobby got a curfew.

BROWN: But I got a curfew. I'm getting old. I can't be onstage as much as I used to and

party at the same time

BIVINS: He's a good entertainer.

DEVOE: He's a good actor.

BIVINS: He does movies, can't you tell?

MTV: Adding to the, um, mature flavor of the tour are r&b senior statesmen Teddy Riley and Keith Sweat.

KEITH SWEAT: We figured we would generate a large audience by doing the tour together because we've been out so long, and all of us have been pretty successful.

TEDDY RILEY: With the little 35 minutes that we have, we try to give you all that we can, even though we're the opening act band, we just put on a show.

MTV: Sandwiched between two full group sets, New Edition's various solo sub-sets also pop up, so who gets the biggest hand?

BIVINS: The fans really don't separate us with that. They give everybody the same amount of attention. They know all of our names, they know all of our songs. It's like they grew up with us, they know us.

BROWN: I mean they would have to know all of our

names, it seems like every song we do is like 'Ronny, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike, Johnny.'

TRESVANT: The kick about that is they keep knowing my name, but I ain't never in that saying. I'm the one saying it.

BROWN: Ronny, Ralph, Bobby.

TRESVANT: Maybe that's why they know, cause I'm saying it. and now I gotta stick in a 'and a Ralph, too,' at the end of it.

BIVINS: And don't forget about Ralph.

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