New Edition's DeVoe Pleads Innocent

Feb. 19 [7:55 EST] -- New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe singer Ronnie DeVoe reportedly pled innocent to charges that he was drunkenly wandering the halls of the band's hotel early Monday morning and resisted arrest.

According to the Associated Press, DeVoe will now stand trial on March 31 to combat charges of disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication. DeVoe was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky's Hyatt Regency hotel for resisting arrest, assault on a police officer and inciting a riot.

DeVoe and two members of his entourage reportedly had a "belligerent" confrontation with police after hotel guests complained of someone drinking and loitering in hallways at 4:15 a.m.

DeVoe's two colleagues were also arrested in connection with the incident, and have reportedly pled guilty to lesser charges.