Beck Makes Howard Stern's Birthday

Jan. 14 [18:00 EST] -- Talk radio star Howard Stern celebrated his 43rd birthday on Monday. And while luminaries from Chris Rock and Tom Arnold were in attendance to share their birthday cheer with the self-proclaimed "King Of All Media," the star of the show was clear.

"I've just got to say something about Beck though," Stern said of his prized birthday performer. "I'm kinda curious to talk to him, because every time I read an article about him... it always says that it's tough to talk to him. Beck is tough to talk to."

"We're very approachable," Beck reassured Stern.

Beck went on to present Howard with perhaps his coolest birthday gift: one of his patented fire-breathing performances, including smoldering runs through "Where It's At," and "Novocaine."

"You're are a really good dancer, aren't you?" Stern asked.

"I don't know, just uh, sometimes," Beck replied in a dry monotone.

Howard Stern's autobiographical film "Private Parts" will

debut at a premiere spectacle in New York on February 27 before hitting screens around the country on March 7.