Beck And Stern

HOWARD STERN: I tell you I see many different celebrities in our audience Robin.

ROBIN QUIVERS, Stern's co-host: Really!

STERN: Uh, Yeah.

QUIVERS: Well, point them out to me!

MTV: Among some of the comics were Chris Rock and Tom Arnold, but the star of the show was clear.

STERN: Ay, I've just got to say something about Beck though, I'm kinda curious to talk to him, because every time I read an article about him, because I'm a fan, and I don't read the articles, it always says that he's tough to talk to them. Beck is tough to talk to.

BECK: I'm a very approachable...

STERN: Go ahead.

BECK: Individuals.

STERN: You're a really good dancer, aren't you?

BECK: I don't know, just uh, sometimes...

STERN: Your not inhibited man.

QUIVERS: Do you guys practice? (STERN & QUIVERS Laughing)

BECK: Yes.

STERN: You're not like uh, a rock star

type. You know, because you don't even have like groupies, like, you don't have any like women backstage or anything like that. Is that true?

BECK: We have a 400 person boys choir.

STERN: Yeah?

BECK: You know, they just kinda hang out and sing.

STERN: Yeah. Woah. Thanks Beck.

KURT: Meanwhile, in his quest for hip-hop benediction, Beck has been chatting up Snoop Doggy Dogg, with whom he'd like to collaborate on something. Here are the details.