Beck Enters Studio For "Odelay" Follow-Up, Plans Performance Art Show

On Tuesday, Beck entered a Los Angeles studio to record the "official" follow-up to his widely heralded "Odelay" album.

The album is expected to arrive in the second quarter of next year with a tour to follow. For the record, Beck is enlisting the help of a number of producers. In the more immediate future, Beck will release a more experimental album entitled "Mutations," which is being produced by Nigel Godrich, (who produced Radiohead's "O.K. Computer") in October.

On September 15, Beck will exchange his usual show for a bit of performance art at the New York opening of "Playing With Matches," a collection of art by Beck and his late grandfather, Fluxus founder Al Hansen.

Beck, whose brother Channing will also participate in the benefit for the Thread Waxing Space, will be joined by Thurston Moore and a group called foot with Don Flemming of Dinosaur Jr. and Gumball and Jim Dunbar. Other special guests are expected at the event, which is being co-chaired by

Fluxus artist Yoko Ono and Bibbe Hansen, the mom of Beck and Channing.

"Playing With Matches" will open to the public at the Thread Waxing Space on September 16 when Beck will be at the downtown New York Rizzoli Bookstore to sign copies of a book about the exhibit.