Beck Lines Up Tracks For "Mutations"

A spokesperson for Beck's record label, Geffen Records, confirmed a "Los Angeles Times" report that the artist has lined up a number of tracks for his next album.

As we previously reported, the more experimental "Mutations" will arrive courtesy of Geffen on October 20 (see "Beck Lines Up Next Album For October"). For the effort, Beck hooked up with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, and had originally planned to release the album on the indie label K Records. However, Geffen will release the album, which is not considered his "Odelay" follow-up.

Beck is currently in a Los Angeles studio working on the "official" follow-up to his acclaimed "Odelay" album, which is expected to arrive in the second quarter of next year (see "Beck Enters Studio For "Odelay" Follow-Up, Plans Performance Art Show").

When "Mutations" arrives in October, here's what Geffen and the "Los Angeles

Times" say you'll find:

  • "Cold Brains"
  • "Nobody's Fault But My Own"
  • "Lazy Flies"
  • "Canceled Check"
  • "We Live Again"
  • "Tropicalia"
  • "Dead Melodies"
  • "Bottle of Blues"
  • "O Maria"
  • "Sing It Again"
  • "Static"