Beck Lawsuits Still On Table; Cuts Tracks With Beth Orton, Kool Keith

As Beck looks to finish work on his new LP within the next few weeks, erroneous reports have surfaced indicating that the avant garde musician has settled his pending lawsuits with Geffen and Bong Load Records.

On Tuesday, Beck's lawyer informed MTV News that while all three parties continue to work on an amicable legal resolution, a settlement did not appear to be likely in the near future.

As we previously reported (see "Beck Battles Labels Over Business, Artistic Issues" and "Beck Sues Label For Copyright Infringement"), Beck, Geffen, and Bong Load are currently involved in several lawsuits stemming from a contractual dispute and potential copyright infringement.

In Wednesday's "The Los Angeles Times," however, an article citing Beck's attorney reported that the performer had indeed settled the copyright infringement suit filed against Geffen for issuing his last album, 1998's

"Mutations," without his permission.

Beck's attorney did not respond to calls seeking comment about the article, but an associate told MTV News that a legal settlement had not been reached between the parties.

The artist's publicist at Geffen Records confirmed that a resolution had not yet happened and expressed hope "that everything would sort itself out within the next few months."

According to Beck's official website, the musician's new album will be out on November 16 via Interscope/Bong Load Records, but neither the release date nor label affiliation had been confirmed by Beck's representatives.

Beck will likely wait until all the legal wrangling is over before issuing the new album, which may include recorded collaborations with rapper Kool Keith and singer Beth Orton, whom Beck opened for last month in Los Angeles (see "Beck Plays Surprise Opening Set For Beth Orton").