McCartney Piques Unprecedented Interest On Internet

May 19 [16:00 EST] -- Sir Paul McCartney weeded through an unprecedented 3,000,000 inquiries during a live chat served up by VH1 on Saturday.

The recently knighted former Beatle started to hack through the questions during a one-hour "Town Hall Meeting Live" broadcast from London's Bishopsgate Memorial Hall.

McCartney then responded to users queries on the Internet for another 30 minutes, eventually tackling 50 questions during his 90 minutes in the hot seat.

To put this relatively small tip of the iceberg of submitted questions into perspective, McCartney would have to answer questions non-stop for another 10 years and three months before getting through all of them. Fans were urged to e-mail their questions for McCartney to VH1, prompting a flood of electronic mail.

During the Q&A session, McCartney revealed that his favorite guitar player of all time was Jimi Hendrix, and that he likes the music of Beatles disciples Oasis.

McCartney also noted

that if John Lennon had not been gunned down 1980, the band would most likely have reunited by now.

"It's highly likely that we would have reunited before the 'Anthology,'" McCartney said referring to the recent series of CDs that chronicled the group's career, and re-ignited interest in the Beatles. "We have had lots of offers, but without John there is no Beatles."